Lipps Printing Inc.

Tiff or EPS formats 300 dpi at the finished size work the best. Try not to scale more than + or - 15% from the original scan size to avoid quality problems. Pictures copied off the Internet are usually only 72 dpi and not good enough for printing. They will most likely come out looking fuzzy. Small (2" x 3") color pictures that are not at least about 3mgs. in size are probably not high enough quality.

Bleeding refers to ink being printed off the edge of your printed piece. Always position your object so that at least 1/8" extends beyod the edge on the final page size. This can be done on 1,2,3 or 4 sides of your printed piece.

Font Styles Menu
Are you using the font styles menu by clicking on the "B to make your fonts bold", or the "I" to mke your fonts italic? This probably will not print correctly. In QuarkXPress or Indesign, you may make a font bold or italicized the easy way . Risky idea. If a font has been stylized to bold or italic via a font style menu it may not result in a bold or italic version when it is printed to a PostScript output device. When done properly, stylizing a font will work if the PostScript device finds the font's bold version and substitutes it in for the stylized regular version. With the multitude of fonts and font founderies this frequently does not work correctly.

Accents and Other Symbols
Click here for a printable PDF chart of accents and other symbols.